Come fly with me

Do you really want to know what it’s like to be in the sky?
Then drop me a line and let’s find out together. You wont regret it and neither will I. It’s brilliant!

What you need to know…

Age doesn’t really matter, as long as you are capable of moving forward during the take off :O)
If you’re not 14 years old yet, then the laws in Germany require that I have written permission from a parent or guardian allowing you to fly with me.
The passenger harness, your seat, has a recommended min. and max. height of 160cm to 190cm. However, some of my passengers have been over 2 meters tall.
It is possible for you to fly with me if you’re smaller than 160cm, I just need to borrow a smaller harness from a friend.
The wing has a min. and max take off weight of 110kg to 230kg.
With clothes I weigh about 75kg, and all the equipment about 30kg. So, if you weigh more than 15kg and less than 125kg that’s great.
It’s important to have the right clothes for the prevailing weather.
It can be warm on the ground, but for every 100 meters that we ascend the temperature will drop by roughly 1°C .
For example, if we fly from Kandel we will take off from a height of 1200 meters. Let’s say the temperature is 20°c at the take off area. It is possible that we ascend to a height of 2000 meters. That means that the temperature at 2000 meters will be approximately 12°C.
Plus there is the wind chil factor, which makes it feel cooler, too.
A sturdy pair of shoes is good for the take off and the landing.
Stilettos, flip-flops and sandels are not a good idea ;O)
 GlassesGlasses On average we’ll be flying at about 45km/h, that’s about 25mph, so a pair of glasses will help stop your eyes from watering.
 HelmetHelmut The law requires that we wear helmets when we fly.
You can choose from one of two helmuts. The orange one is size S-M and the white one is M-L.
The mountain where we fly is called Kandel. It is located 25km northeast of Freiburg, has a height of 1241 meters and is really beautiful.
We’ll probably meet at the landing area, Heimeck (see the picture below). There are three parking areas here. I kindly ask you to keep to the designated parking areas so that the farmer can get by with his tractor, if we should meet here. This is very important, thank you.
The other possible meeting place is at the top of the mountain where there is a much larger public parking area (see the picture below).
Normally we meet at the landing area and drive up the mountain to the starting area with your car. Most of my passengers come with a friend and they play taxi driver (and take pictures) :O)
Flight Duration The flying time varies depending on the weather and whether or not we’re able to catch some thermals that cause us to climb.
It ranges from about 20 to 45 miutes, or longer.
A Smile
Bring a smile and a happy mood with you :O)
It’s a big day, so don’t forget your camera. You’re welcome to take photographs during the flight. You’ll just need to secure the camera to the harness, or your jacket, before we take off.

People who have flown with meFilmsClick on one of these links to see some photographs or films of people who have flown with me. It is possible for me to take my GoPro action camera with me and film our flight.

 Food & Drink
We sometimes call paragliding ‘para-waiting’. If the wind is too strong, or if it is blowing in the wrong direction, we may have to wait until it is suitable for taking off. So, bringing a drink and a bite to eat might be a good idea.
Next to the take off area there is a kiosk, ‘Kandel Alm’, where you can also get a drink and a bite.
Near the west landing area there is Camping Elztalblick that has a beer garden. I really like going here after flying.
 Gift Voucher
 If you’d like to give a friend or your dearest a present, I have a gift voucher that I can send you per post.
The normal price is €105 for the flight plus €5 for a club guest ticket

Interested? Then send me an email with the title ‘Come Fly With Me