St. Peter

St. Peter near Freiburg

Riding a bike is something that I have done for as long as I can remember.

When I arrived in Freiburg in 1999, I was lucky to meet the owner of a bike shop, Frank. He asked me if I’d like to join him and a group of people to road-bike. I did and it was great. The group were all locals and they showed me all of the best routes here in the Black Forest. I am sure that I know the area better than some of my friends that were born here :O)

Freiburg and the surrounding area is not just great for road biking, but mountain biking, too. In 2003 I bought a Cube mountain bike from Frank. We have two very popular downhill stretches at Rosskopf and Kubfelsen, which are both right next to the city. I often ride these before work in the Summer. There is a large mountain bike community here in Freiburg, Mountainbike Freiburg e.V., which is no surprise given the sheer number of great routes that are available here in the surrounding Black Forest.
Cube Agree GTC Last year, 2015, I upgraded my Cube Pelton to a Cube Agree GTC Carbon Black n’ Red. I haven’t had the chance to ride it yet, and I can’t wait for the weather to get better. A guy I work with, Dennis, is a keen cyclist, too. In the Summer we often go for a quick spin in the nearby Black Forest during the lunch break. He is the creator and author of Cycling the Alps, which has won an award from Google.Cube Agree GTC at work
The bike weighs almost nothing and I can hear some of my friends saying Carbon statt Kondition with a swiss accent (carbon instead of condition), o je :O)